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Spongebob Wearing Full Length Pants is Freaking People Out

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Are you ready kids? After 17 years (Spongebob came out in 1999 just in case you were wondering and couldn’t do math), our favorite sea sponge is finally changing up his outfit. And by changing up his outfit, I mean he subtly traded in his classic brown shorts for PANTS. This may not seem like a big change, but if you grew up watching Spongebob and all his adventures (if you haven’t, I can’t even talk to you right now), it is really freaking noticeable when you don’t see his scrawny little yellow legs anymore. Like most cartoon shows, the characters wear the same outfit every episode, unless a certain event calls for a different. We have seen Spongebob wear different outfits over time, whether a bathing suit, a dress or some other random outfit to match the scene, but there have only been a few times when this Bikini Bottom resident wore full-length pants.

But now, times have changed. Spongebob SquarePANTS will actually be wearing pants instead of his square shorts in tonight’s episode on Nickelodeon (Feb. 15th at 7 pm). It is quite shocking. Just look how much older he looks! How much more sophisticated! How much hotter????

Mr. Crabs said he looked more able bodied and didn’t think a snazzy man like pants wearing Spongebob should be working the kitchen so he threw a pantsless Squidward into the back. Obviously, these pants are going to be life changing for our now grown up Sponge. I mean, look how many heads he turned simply walking through the Krusty Crab!

Will the pants be here to stay? What will Patrick think of them? Will anyone else get pants? Is Spongebob finally a man? Guess we will have to find tonight!

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