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This Adorable Squirrel Was Fitted For A Prosthetic Wheel And We’re Crying

Have you ever seen an injured animal and wanted desperately to find a way to help it? Perhaps you didn’t know what to do, but you couldn’t leave it alone. One lucky squirrel in Turkey received the best gift ever to assist with her injury. She won’t be so slow anymore!

Forced To Amputate

Residents in Turkey discovered a young female squirrel, Karamel, whose two front legs were badly injured in an animal trap. Luckily, they were able to rescue the squirrel and save her life, but they were forced to amputate her small legs. It seemed she would never walk again, but people had other plans…

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Restoring Her Mobility

Experienced squirrel caretaker Tayfun Demir adopted Karamel after her amputation. He fitted Karamel with a prosthetic wheel to restore her mobility. Demir sought out the assistance of local professionals from Istanbul Aydin University, who as a group designed Karamel’s prosthetic wheel. But, it wasn’t exactly easy for Karamel…


Facing Strong Complications

When the prosthetic wheel was first attached, Karamel had a difficult time learning how to work it. Demir and additional professionals worked with her to train her and help rehabilitate her movements. Demir adjusted the wheel’s programming multiple times according to Karamel’s needs. Have you ever seen a squirrel receive this much special attention?

Improving The Wheel

After reviewing Karamel’s special needs, Demir adjusted the wheel to improve the fit and help Karamel maintain her balance while learning to walk again. Throughout all the tests, Karamel was happy and cooperative with her specialists. Perhaps just like everyone who was studying her, she was ready to run again.

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How It Works

Though Karamel has lost two legs, she has gained a whole new set of wheels and love from her new owner. Demir released a video demonstrating how Karamel wears her new prosthetic wheel. It looks like she has mastered her new way of running around! Too bad she doesn’t run in the direction Demir wants.

Tayfun Demir

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