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Starbucks China Released Cat-Paw Cups And Fans ‘Furr-eaked’ Out

People love Starbucks coffee. There are many who just can’t get their days started without it. But now customers are going absolutely crazy over a new limited-edition cup released by the coffee company in China. In fact, the cups are so popular that folks are clawing and fighting to get one, literally.

Limited Edition

Starbucks China recently released new cat-inspired cups with a unique design. The see-through, light pink cups are shaped to look like a cat is dipping its paw in the cup. There’s also a cherry blossom design on the outside as an ode to China.

The cups are similar to the Frosty the Snowman cups that were released in the U.S. during the Christmas season last year. These “cat-paw” cups are priced at $30 and are a major hit with consumers. In fact, they’ve been selling out at rapid speed.

High Demand

Starbucks China announced the cat-paw cup would be released in select stores throughout China. People were so excited about the cute design that they lined up the night before to purchase them. With all of the excitement, it’s no surprise that the cups all sold out the same day.

The company then resorted to making 1,000 cups to sell online. These reportedly sold out in less than a tenth of a second. Starbucks then released the remaining 3,000 online. Those took a tiny bit longer to sell — around one second for that batch.

Major Chaos

The hype around these cups got so crazy that people were getting into literal cat fights over them. In a video taken at a Starbucks store in Xi’an, three people, who were said to be scalpers, were pushing and pulling on each other to get the cups. In another store, one man tried to swing on another customer while they were standing in line.

Because these cups are in such high demand, people are open to paying much more than the original price. Scalpers know that and have bought them to re-sell online. As stated, the original price was 199 yuan ($30 USD), but the prices online can range from 400 yuan ($60 USD) to an unbelievable 1,800 yuan ($270 USD). Talk about cat crazy!

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