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Starving Kitten Becomes A Traveling Man’s Motorcycle Companion

Martin Klauka was on a bike trip through Morocco with his friends in March of 2017, when a frail and malnourished two-month-old black and white kitten walked into his life. He learned her mother was hit by a car and the kitten was too young to care for itself. She was flea-ridden and disheveled, but when she sweetly fell asleep in his arms he couldn’t just abandon her.

Thinking It Over

The locals told Klauka they were certain the cat would die if left on her own. Although having a cat was the last thing on his mind and was impractical on road trips, he didn’t feel right leaving her there. He took her to his hotel that night, fleas and all, and decided he would make a decision on what to do about her in the morning.

Neeraj Murali

The Decision

When Klauka woke in the morning, he saw the homeless cat snuggling under the blankets and he was in love. His plan was to travel across many countries on his motorcycle and he knew it would be hard with a cat, but he was determined to make it work, as long as she was willing.

The Test Ride

He named the little cat Mogli and loaded her up in the tank bag on the front of his bike the next morning. She was understandably nervous about the ride, but thirty minutes later, Klauka’s new travel buddy settled in and they’ve never looked back. They rode home to Rosenheim, Germany to get ready for the 102-day trip together.

Martin Klauka

A Long Trip

In late August 2017, Klauka and Mogli took their Honda African twin bike and drove from Germany, skirting along the Mediterranean to Iran. From there, they’ve visited 10 different countries and wound up in Dubai at the end of that year. By that time, Mogli was a traveling expert, helping his partner pick campsites and exploring with him (on his shoulders) and without him around the towns they visited.



Klauka has chronicled his and Mogli’s journey from Germany to Dubai on his Instagram page named MotoMogli for his new best friend motoring across the world with him. And they’re not done. The pair are settling in Dubai for now, but Klauka has plans to travel to Pakistan and India this summer with Mogli by his side.


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