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Steph Curry Steps Up After Girl Writes Letter Asking Why His Shoes Are Only For Boys

If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk. Especially if you’re walking in super luxe basketball sneakers. In Steph Curry’s case, he’s been outspoken about his love for his daughters and supporting girls in athletics. When he received a letter from Riley Morrison, age nine, complaining that she’d like to buy his shoes but that he didn’t make them for girls, Curry took action.

No Curry 5’s For Sale Under The Girls Section

Napa baller Riley Morrison is a big fan of Steph Curry. As she prepped for her basketball season, she was disappointed to find there were no shoes from Curry’s Under Armour brand in her size. She wasn’t going to simply acccept that. So she decided to write a letter to Mr. Curry himself.

“I know you support girl athletes,” she wrote, “because you have two daughters and you host an all girls basketball camp.” Her proud father, Chris Morrison, posted the letter online.

An Explanation And A Gift

Curry did not disappoint. He wrote Riley back, explaining that, “Unfortunately we have labeled smaller sizes ‘boys’ on the website and we are correcting this NOW.” He also wrote that he is sending her a pair of Curry 5’s and she’ll be among the first to also rock the Curry 6’s.

“I want to make sure that you can wear my kicks proudly,” he wrote. He mentioned he is planning something special for International Women’s Day in Oakland and hopes the nine-year-old will join him.

Class Act

Since this exchange, the sizes for Curry’s sneakers on the Under Armour website have been updated and now include a category for girls.

As Riley and Curry’s letters went viral, the internet applauded the professional athlete’s gesture and his support for girls. Whatever team you cheer for, it warms the heart when a role model takes a moment to be a hero for a kid.

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