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Stiletto Toe Nail Designs: All The Rage Or Total Outrage?

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We fret for months over trying a new hairstyle, but people seem to be a lot more willing to try wild style on their nails. Especially if you use fake nails, you can always get rid of nails that you don’t like much easier than you can get rid of a hairstyle that didn’t turn outright. Fingernail fashion has changed drastically over the past few decades. At one time, red nails were considered to be scandalous and gaudy. Just a few decades later, any nails that weren’t red were considered to be woefully out of style. After we got tired of red nails, french tips became the standard for classy nails. Now french tips are so strongly associated with the late 1990s and early 2000s that nail artists have had to come up with other ideas. One of the ideas they have dreamed up has garnered polarizing opinions on the Internet. Stiletto toenails are a strange sight that just won’t stop rearing its ugly head in trending topics.

How The Trend Came About

Stiletto fingernails are fashioned after stiletto heels. They are extremely long and extremely pointy. Although taste for color change over the years, many of the first stiletto nails were painted with shiny acrylic nail polish to resemble the pattened leather material most stiletto heels are covered in. Although someone with very long nails could have their nails filed to a point, most people use artificial extensions to get the stiletto fingernail look.


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And then came stiletto toenails. Someone must have loved stiletto fingernails so much they decided to take the trend to their feet. Stiletto fingernails are striking, but they don’t look terrible. Stiletto toenails, on the other hand, can seem very jarring because they are so different from the average stubby toenails that the average person has. Many people get the stiletto toenail look by simply gluing the same artificial stiletto nails that are used on hands to the foot.

Strong Opinions

With fashion, sometimes things are trending topics because of how much people don’t like it rather than how much people like it. This seems to be the case with stiletto toenails. Every time someone brings up the topic, most of the responses are negative. In many cases, nail artist shares these nails on their pages in a tongue in cheek manner just to see how followers will respond. In response to this trend, Bobby V on Facebook said “Ladies, yall better not! It’s enough with these nails!!” Many other commenters responded with vomiting emojis or simply the word “NOPE!” Some people even tagged their friends and joked that they should get stiletto toenails.

If you are going to get stiletto toenails, it is highly recommended that you go to a nail artist to get them done. Some toenails are very short and narrow. Attaching a long artificial nail to a slim nailbed can be extremely difficult. Sometime DIYers end up with stiletto toenails where the sides of their real nails are peeking out from the corners. Professional nail artists have the technical know-how to avoid this unsightly outcome.

Keeping It Fun

If you like stiletto toenails, don’t let the naysayers of the Internet dampen your style. Everything is considered ugly until a trendsetter makes it popular. For example, Mia in the Princess Diaries movies was picked at for her thick eyebrows. Today, runway models have thick eyebrows.

Stiletto toenails may be unpopular today, but they might be fashions hottest trend a few years from now. The Internet provides us with plenty to laugh about, but its all in good fun! However, you decide to wear your nails, remember to be kind to others and have fun.

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