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Stolen Dog Trapped in Abandoned House Finally Reunited With Family

Some people will do just about anything to create chaos, including harming helpless animals. Animal shelters across the United States treat abused, broken, and starved animals—pets who have been tossed aside like garbage by their owners. And for this case in Detroit, Michigan, a dog was found just in the nick of time.

A Constant Barking

Nearby neighbors of an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan were used to hearing dogs barking. Sometimes they would be able to rescue abandoned dogs who were left behind at the house to fend for themselves. But for one dog, he was trapped in a basement dungeon without any way to get out…

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Starving In The Basement

The five-year-old St. Bernard, Bentley, was trapped in a basement without any stairs to escape. Chewing on wood scraps to survive, Bentley needed to be rescued before it was too late. He kept barking for help. Luckily, the neighbors knew exactly who to call to help form a rescue team…

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Seeking Medical Attention

Detroit Animal Control officers quickly arrived at the scene, with one officer scaling down the basement walls and another helping to lift Bentley toward safety. Once back at the Detroit Dog Rescue, Bentley received immediate medical attention to help him eat and gain back the 40 lbs. he had lost.

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Happy To Be Alive

Despite his poor health, Bentley was a happy dog with the medical professionals at the Detroit Dog Rescue. “He’s very sweet. It sounds funny, but he was thankful to be rescued,” said Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue. But something was missing: Bentley’s owners. But, a Facebook post would change everything…

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Reunited With His Family

The Detroit Dog Rescue posted a picture of Bentley on its Facebook page and Bentley’s owners immediately recognized their beloved dog, who was stolen from their yard on Easter. After searching for him for a month, they arrived at the rescue center and were happy to be reunited with their pet.

And it looks like Bentley was happy to be reunited with his family, too!

Detroit Dog Rescue via

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