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This Story Of A Blind Dog’s Best Friend Will Give You The Feels

Most cats and dogs are like the proverbial oil and water. They just don’t mix. This is an unusual story of a dog and cat not only becoming best friends but coming to rely on each other in a way that will tug at the old heartstrings. Meet Turville and Puddytat.

An Old Dog With A Past

Turville is a 14-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever who is blind and partially deaf. “I didn’t know him as a puppy,” his owner Judy says, “but I was told he was thrown against a wall and that’s what caused his blindness, so it must have been quite traumatic for him.”


Afraid To Move

Turville had gotten to the point where he was afraid to move because he was bumping into things and hurting himself. He spent all day huddled in his basket. That’s where a stray cat that decided to adopt the family comes in. Named Puddytat, he took a liking to Turville right away.


A Strange Bond

“He’s top cat,” Judy says with a laugh. “He’s not very nice with the other cats – he’ll bully other cats a bit into submission. He prefers Turville to any of the other cats. He must have known Turville was blind because he sort of bonded with him straight away and will seek him out.”


A Need Sensed

The most astonishing thing about Turville and Puddytat’s relationship though isn’t just that they get along so well. It’s the fact that Puddytat has decided to take on the role of being Turville’s seeing-eye cat. “I think Puddytat realized that Turville was a bit vulnerable,” Judy said, “that there was a need there somehow.”


Nose To Tail

These days, Turville can be found roaming the house and yard with Puddytat in the lead. “He’s much more confident,” Judy says. “He relies on Puddytat to get around and avoid bumping into things. It’s quite often they’re out nose to tail with Puddytat in the lead. It’s quite lovely to see.”


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