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These Two Men Who Escaped To A Music Festival Are Proving You’re Never Too Old To Rock

When the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany tweeted about two elderly men who had escaped their nursing home to attend their heavy metal festival, news outlets around the world ate it up. The story, though, wasn’t entirely true. As it turns out, the men weren’t elderly at all, and they didn’t live in a nursing home. So, what really happened?

Wacken Open Air Festival

Starting in 1990, the Wacken Open Air Festival has celebrated heavy metal in Germany every August. The festival northwest of Hamburg lasts four days and has grown to house almost 200 bands and 86,000 heavy metal rockers. This year, two metalheads, ages 58 and 59, who actually lived in a mental health facility, decided to escape and rock out at the festival.

The duo made it as far as the town of Wacken, but couldn’t enter the festival without tickets. They had to improvise!

Dreams Of Fun With The Usual Crowd

Despite their disappointment about not being able to party with the crowd inside the yearly festival, they decided partying outside would do fine. They started drinking and having a good time with the others in town and lost track of time. They figured it would be fun to rock out in Wacken with their new friends and catch the bus back home. Too bad their timing was off.

The last bus came and went without the pair, and they were left at the bus stop with no way home.

A Resistant Return Home

Meanwhile, the mental health facility discovered their absence, and the police started their search. At around 3 AM, the police finally found the party animals at the bus stop, still reeling from their adventure.

They didn’t want to go back but, after a lot of talk, the police convinced them it was the best thing, so they headed home in a taxi. Forced home by police escort may not have been what the two rockin’ guys planned, but at least they can say they had an ending fitting a four-day heavy metal celebration.

And that’s the real story.

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