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The Unpredictable Story Of Ted Williams, Homeless Man With the ‘Golden Voice’

In an era of social media, there is an abundance of viral stars earning their fame online. For Ted “Golden Voice” Williams, his discovery story was nearly life or death. When a video of his voice went viral, it transformed the homeless man’s seemingly hopeless future. But where exactly is the radio-ready sensation today?

Ted Williams: “The Man With the Golden Voice”

Ted Williams was deemed “The Man With the Golden Voice” after a clip of his rich, teleprompter-worthy voice went viral. At the time, however, Williams wasn’t utilizing his talents. The Columbus, Ohio, citizen was homeless, struggling with addiction, and trying desperately to find work. Luckily, his internet fame opened dozens of doors! But his rollercoaster of a rags-to-riches story wasn’t all blissful.

Watch the original video here:

Williams’ Burst Of Success: Rushed For Work

Williams’ sudden internet fame brought an incredible influx of work his way. The once-homeless and jobless man was grateful for any income. He lent his voice to several companies for advertisements, including Kraft Mac & Cheese, Pepsi, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He even signed a book deal for over $100,000! Unfortunately, Williams’ success couldn’t fend off his internal struggles.

Williams’ Roadblocks: Battling Brutal Addiction

Williams’ homelessness was due in part to his alcohol and drug addiction. Not long after going viral, he returned to the same destructive habits. After two stints in rehab, Williams’ seemed to have a better handle on his recovery. Despite his focus on sobriety, he still had to face off with many manipulative individuals who seemed intent on crushing his success.

Fighting For His Finances: Escaping Manipulative Colleagues

At one point, Williams found himself nearly as broke as he was when he was homeless. It seemed that many of the people he signed contracts with weren’t concerned with Williams’ financial well-being. He also alleged that his former manager, Alfred Battle, attempted to involve him in a heroin smuggling ring. Thankfully, Williams’ wasn’t ready to return to a no-income life. He continued to fight to make his 15 minutes of fame last!

Refocusing On The Future: Reclaiming His Radio Voice

Luckily, Williams has landed a stable gig with his own, hometown radio show: “The Golden Voice Show.” With his accrued funds, Williams has both supported himself financially and helped the homeless shelter where he used to get meals. For a while, Williams’ even had his sights set on the presidency! This golden-voiced man proves that not every journey is easy, but that anything is possible with enough persistence!

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