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These Strange Animal Friends Are A Precious Reminder That Love Has No Limits

If you think your cat liking your dog is a miracle, you will be astounded by these unexpected, unusually precious animal relationships! While squirrels, elephants, pigs, and raccoons may not have many similarities, these adorable creatures somehow formed incredible connections with one another. These five unusual bonds across species redefine the limits of friendship!

Hippo And Tortoise: Owen And Mzee

Hippos and tortoises have nearly nothing in common, but that didn’t stop these two from becoming inseparable! Owen the hippopotamus was a rescue that was taken to Haller Park in Kenya, where he met his new best friend, Mzee. While Mzee initially rejected Owen’s affection, the once-annoyed tortoise couldn’t fend off Owen’s love for long. Soon, they formed a special bond that led them to cuddle, play, and cling to each other’s sides for years!

National Geographic

Squirreling Around: Callie And Stewart

The narrative of dogs and squirrels usually involves barking and chasing. However, you won’t find any hostility between Callie and Stewart! When Stewart was a baby squirrel, he plummeted from a tree and was abandoned. Fortunately, he would soon find comfort in the motherly nature of an Aussie Shepard named Callie. The pair are wildly popular on their Instagram, @dog_and_squirrel, for their snuggles, shared meals, and utter sweetness!


Doggone Adorable: Bubbles And Bella

You’ve never seen an elephant run, leap, and play like Bubbles does when she’s around her black labrador friend, Bella! The two live in South Carolina at Myrtle Beach Safari. They met after both creatures were abandoned: Bubbles by poachers who killed her parents, and Bella by the person who built Bubbles’ swimming pool. Still, their tragic stories of loss led them to one another. Now, the two are best friends and play in the water like pups!

Barry Bland/Myrtle Beach Safari

Racoon And Pups: Pumpkin, Toffee, And Oreo

Raccoons may seem like the furthest thing from housepets, but Pumpkin has weaseled her way into the hearts of a couple of dogs! The domesticated creature doesn’t bother her pet-siblings Toffee and Oreo. In fact, they often share cuddles on the couch with her! The trio of animals may be enemies in the wild, but in this household, they all get spoiled together.


Pigging Out: Strong Impact And Charlie

Farm animals may need plenty of space for themselves, but Charlie the pig wasn’t disappointed when he wandered into Strong Impact’s stall. The racehorse was grateful for the lazy, laid-back presence of Charlie, who seemed to calm the energetic horse’s nerves. Since their introduction, the pair has grown comfortable with sleeping at one another’s sides. They are now so dependant on each other that being apart makes both creatures incredibly grumpy!

Victor J. Blue/The New York Times

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