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Stranger Calls Out Dad For Carrying 6-Year-Old Daughter, His Response Leaves Them Both In Tears

It’s so easy to judge people at face value, and not realize the hidden battles they struggle with every day. One father from Nebraska shared how he handled unwarranted and cruel comments from a stranger when he was carrying his six-year-old daughter in his arms. Instead of escalating the situation with anger or violence, Brent Gehring took a different approach.

Holding On To Emma

At seven-months-old, Emma Gehring was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor originated behind her right eye before it spread throughout the right side of her brain. Life for Brent and Kathryn Gehring was filled with tense and emotional moments, as they watched their brave little girl undergo multiple chemotherapy treatments.

After five years of spending time in and out of the hospital and traveling for chemotherapy, Emma was unable to walk on her own. Emma’s father, Brent, would often help his daughter get around if she wasn’t using her walker. Life was tough, but Brent and Kathryn were happy there daughter was alive and fighting back against her cancer.

Enduring A Reckless Stranger

The Gehring family hails from Nebraska, but they would travel to Boston for Emma’s treatments. One fateful evening, after dining at the Union Oyster House, Brent was carrying Emma in his arms. Out of nowhere, a man nastily uttered his disapproval. “What the F*ck are you doing? That’s what’s wrong with kids. Make her walk.”

Brent was taken aback by the stranger’s hurtful words, but he didn’t let his anger get the best of him over the man’s disrespect. Emma had taught the Gehring family so much about kindness and patience, so Brent did something unbelievable. With Emma still in his arms, Brent got inches away from the man’s face. He said, “…for a matter of fact my daughter can’t walk and I’m happy to carry her…”

Deeper Than The Surface

Usually, Emma would be uncomfortable around strangers, but she stared into the stranger’s eyes while her dad told their story. As Brent let the rude man know how his daughter Emma had been fighting a rare brain tumor for the past five years, both men ended up in tears.

Brent could have lashed out at the man to defend his daughter, but he took the opportunity to open up someone’s eyes to their poor judgment call. A powerful lesson was learned by both men that day, and Emma continues the battle for her life.

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