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This Photogrpher Takes Hilarious Photos Of Japan’s Stray Cats

stray cats

Masayuki Oki is a Japanese photographer that often takes to the streets of Japan to capture photographs of the stray cats in Tokyo’s shitamachi area, giving each cat a sense of individualism that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Some call his collection “buyasan,” meaning “ugly cat,” but Oki has nothing but love for the cats that he photographs!

In an interview, Oki said, “I want to travel the country photographing all of Japan’s lovely stray cats.” Currently, he stays near the capital, though he never reveals exactly where each photo shoot takes place. If you want to see more of his cat photography, you can follow Oki on Instagram!

Check out 10 of his cutest works after the jump!

1. This stray is auditioning for the band KISS!

stray cats

This is the same face we make every time we bite into a sour lemon! How adorable is this little guy?

2. Just practicing my Karate Kid poses…

stray cats

Everyone said that stray cats have really good balance, and now we believe them. Wax on, wax off, little guy!

3. A million dollar smile

stray cats

Who couldn’t resist an adorable face like that? More than just mothers love it!

4. Waiting in line for a cat nap…

stray cats

Okay, so maybe not for a cat nap. But they’re definitely waiting in line for something!

5. Are you even LISTENING to me?!

stray cats

The cat on the right is definitely not happy about the other’s breath!

6. Where’d his head go???

stray cats

Don’t mind him, he’s just checking out the machinery on that car. Didn’t you know stray cats also serve as mechanics?

7. Japan’s most famous Garfield impersonator!

stray cats

So, maybe he shouldn’t have had that second helping of lasagna… but it was so tasty!

8. So cozy, so comfy!

stray cats

Look at how comfortable this cute cat looks! He’s definitely enjoying that stretch.

9. Twin cats taking a bath

stray cats

It’s very important for cats to maintain their cleanliness! These guys know what’s what.

10. The Phantom of the oPURRa!

stray cats

This cat’s facial patterns are super interesting and neat! Everyone is unique, right?

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Source: BoredPanda

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