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Heroic Stray Dog ‘Bum Rushes’ Robbers At Gas Station To Aid Attendant

Stray animals often get a bad rep until someone shows them some TLC. When a Mexican gas station adopted a stray dog named Randy, he was quick to return the love. When a worker at Randy’s gas station home was being threatened by some criminals, Randy quickly stepped in to save the day.

An Unlikely Shelter

Homeless animals roaming the streets of Mexico is not an unfamiliar sight, and many animals struggle to survive. When workers at a gas station realized the same stray dog kept hanging around for years, they decided to do something for the canine.

Randy was skittish at first, but over time, he learned he could trust the workers seeking to befriend him. Randy received food, baths, and veterinary care to make sure he was in good health. Soon, Randy made the warehouse at the gas station his permanent crash pad.

One Dark Night

Being an attendant at a gas station at night can be rough, as unsavory characters might come looking for trouble. While Randy was asleep on the premises, two armed men approached a gas station worker outside.

The pair attempted to rob the worker when he was trying to close up shop and began to assault the man mercilessly. The commotion outside roused Randy to action, and he rushed over to aid his friend, chasing the assailants away.

A Loyal Hombre

The kindness shown by the gas station crew toward Randy did not go unnoticed. Randy displayed fearless courage to protect the pack, as he was grateful to be wanted and have a home. Having a dog like Randy on site has also been a boon for business.

Customers like Nuria Arellano loves to frequent the gas station, just because Randy is such a cutie. She said, “He makes it a better experience…he gets in the door of my truck and brings his face to mine.” If it weren’t for Randy, according to gas station worker Gerardo Aguilar, “…who knows how things would have ended.”

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved