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Stray Dog Saves Abandoned Baby By Keeping Newborn Warm Along With Her Own Puppies

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For generations, there’s been a strong connection between humans and canines. A recent story from rural Argentina shows another heartwarming example of dogs helping humans. When a four-legged heroine heard a newborn baby in distress, she jumped into action and cared for the baby along with her own litter of puppies. The story is becoming wildly popular and, in Argentina, is even known as the “Argentine Remus and Romulus”. The popular title refers to the legend of children who were rescued by wolves and went on to preside over the founding of Rome.

A Canine Heroine

The now-famous dog is an eight-year-old mixed breed named LaChina. It is believed that when the canine heard the cries of the child, instinct kicked in. She became curious and began to search for the source. LaChina found the baby in an area full of trash and wooden boxes and somehow carried him about 54 yards to place him near her puppies. The dogs’ body heat helped to keep the boy warm and shelter him from the elements. Doctors have later said that the child wouldn’t have survived without the dog’s help.

An Owner’s Surprise

The dog’s owner was only alerted to the possibility that something was different when she heard the unexpected cries of a baby. As she followed the sounds she looked into the dogs’ resting area and, at first, only saw a small human hand. In fairly short order, she located the child who was only covered in a rag despite the fairly cold weather. She immediately called the authorities for medical attention and warmed the child. Upon examination, doctors established that the baby was in fairly good health, at more than 8 lbs, and had just a few cuts and bruises to show from the ordeal. Doctors estimate that he was just a few hours old.

How The Child Became Abandoned

As it turns out, the child was born to a 14-year-old mother who panicked and abandoned him. She quickly regretted her actions, driving to the hospital to report what she’d done. Once doctors understood the situation, the mother was admitted to the hospital for evaluation, treatment, and psychological help.

A Reluctant Heroine

While some animals seem to enjoy their time in the spotlight, that’s not the case for LaChina who appears to feel quite differently about all of the media attention that’s been focused on her. The dog’s owner has related that all of the reporters with their cameras appear to be stressing the dog, who moves away and tries to regain a focus on caring for her litter. All of the attention also appears to have affected her appetite, so the family is trying to provide as much privacy as they can.

Other Canine Heroes

La China’s actions are just the latest in a deep history of dogs who demonstrate the instinct to help humans. In Michigan, when a man suffered a broken neck after slipping on snow in an isolated area, his dog stayed with him for 20 hours until he was found. Long after the man became unable to use his voice the dog kept barking to alert help. In Philadelphia, a blind woman was alerted to a fire by her service dog, and in Michigan, a rescue dog persistently barked until her family allowed her to go outdoors where she led them to a lost toddler suffering from cold behind their house.

While these stories are extreme examples, dogs also serve humans on a daily basis as service animals, in wartime, completing first responder activities, and more. The human-canine connection has provided countless stories and thankfully, this is likely to continue for long into the future.

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