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Stray Dogs ‘Play Guardian Angel’ For Abandoned Baby Girl

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Stray dogs are often viewed as unwanted and troublesome animals, roaming in packs and apt to cause destruction. In India, four stray dogs proved their worth as “human’s best friend.” When a newborn baby girl was dumped onto the street, the canines immediately encircled and protected the child from harm. The baby was left alone with a slim chance of survival, but a band of selfless stray dogs ensured her rescue. Unfortunately, in many places around the world, the lives of girls and women are grossly undervalued. Too often, there are horrific stories of female infants left behind in storm drains, dumpsters, or left to die unloved and unwanted. Thanks to a bunch of quick-thinking and benevolent street dogs, one girl’s life was forever changed.

A Cry In The Distance

Typically, life is considered precious, and newborn babies are fiercely protected. Left utterly defenseless, and cruelly abandoned, a baby girl was discarded to the streets of Bengal’s Purulia district. Four stray dogs discovered the infant and decided to help. Usually, there are too many stories about stray dogs being a menace. However, in the event of a discarded baby girl in India, stray dogs leaped into action and acted as furry, four-legged guardian angels.

When crows dared to circle the baby in hopes of a snack, the dogs kept a close watch and chased away threats. Although the dogs couldn’t do much to care for the baby girl, they could serve as protectors until help arrived. Patiently, the dogs guarded over the abandoned baby girl until someone who could help would come. A helpless infant and her canine protectors laid waiting in the bushes to be discovered. On November 5th, someone finally heard the cries of a child, while on their way to work.

Saved On Saturday

Schoolteacher Ulhus Chowdhury was taking a shortcut to Manbhum Victoria Institution when an infant’s wailing caught his ear. Peering into nearby bushes, he noticed four dogs guarding a baby girl wrapped in a pink cloth. When the dogs saw Chowdhury, they began barking, wagging their tails, and sat close to the child. Chowdhury immediately got the attention of neighbors to help the infant. Parveen Sen rushed to the child and gave it milk, which soothed her cries. Chowdhury commented, “She stopped crying after having that.”

The stray dogs followed Chowdhury to his residence, where the baby girl was taken before being turned over to police. Additionally, the 24-hour Child Helpline was informed about the infant girl’s discovery. Officers from the Purulia Sadar station were alerted about the baby and got involved. Once the infant was in police custody, she was released to the Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital for medical examination. Dr. Shibshankar Mahato confirmed that the child did have “signs of jaundice,” but there was “nothing to fear.”

A Hopeful Future

After receiving a lookover from doctors, the abandoned baby girl was believed to be seven to ten days old and weighed 2.8 kilos. She was placed in special newborn care and given the name Sania. Chowdhury named the child Sania because she was rescued on Shanivaar or Saturday. Once the infant was released from the hospital’s care, baby Sania would be taken to a state-run adoption center in Bhatbandh.

Chowdhury had this to say about the events. “Had it not been for the dogs, we would probably have lost the baby. We are all grateful to them.” In a country that argues whether to cull stray dog populations or tolerate their existence, there’s hope when there are positive stories like baby Sania’s. Even stray dogs are called to honor their sense of compassion, wisdom, and protection for innocent, defenseless babes.

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