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Stray Pup Steals ‘Days Of Abandonment’ Book From Bookstore And Ends Up Getting Adopted

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What would you do if you caught an animal shoplifting? That’s the exact question that a Brazilian cashier faced when she realized that a dog had stolen from her bookstore. Unbelievably, a lost dog wandered into her shop and decided to apply the old “five finger discount” on the novel The Days of Abandonment. Read on to find out how the stray pup stole a book about abandonment from the bookstore and got adopted.

A Ruff Year

It all started in March 2018, when a lonely street dog entered a bookstore in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. Located on the campus of Feevale University, the stray spent time meandered through the store in search of the perfect pick. Apparently, no one even noticed it wandering through the shop. After sneaking by the cashier, it walked up to a nearby book display. Soon enough, the pup swiped a novel that spoke to him and bolted out of the store. Ironically, the book it chose was called The Days of Abandonment.

Like most criminal acts, there was at least one person who saw the crime go down. The dog wasn’t able to get too far away with his prize before it was taken from him by an observant student. Upon returning the novel to the cashier, they were both surprised to see the aptly-named title of the book. Once the cashier reviewed the videotape, she was able to see the daring pup’s act of thievery. Hilariously, the bookstore posted the silly video on its Facebook profile.

The Stray Blues

When the popular bookstore Infinity Livraria shared the video on its Facebook, it quickly went viral. Since its been posted, the funny vid has been viewed 1.2 million times. The security footage showed the dog entering the store through a wide-open door while the cashier helped a customer. The pup went straight to the first stack of books that it saw, grabbed one, and skipped out of the store. Within seconds, a man returned the book to the cashier. After explaining the scenario, they both cracked up in laughter.

With 4,531 likes and 4,648 followers, Infinity Livraria’s video was bound to be seen by someone who was in a position to help the stray dog. Fortunately, a nearby animal shelter spotted the viral video and decided to rescue the lost doggo. As a result, they gave it a well-deserved bath and some essential vaccinations, Not only that, but the pup was adopted by a loving foster family who decided to look past its shoplifting habit.

A Dog’s Journey

Thanks to Infinity Livraria’s Facebook video, a sweet stray pup stole a book and gained a home. When the bookstore asked its fans to guess which book the dog grabbed, the internet collectively lost it when they figured out that the novel was called The Days of Abandonment. The viral video has already received over 14,500 shares, almost 2,000 comments, and 5,500 likes. Social media response has been beyond hilarious!

Facebook user Gabrielle Gomes cheered, “LOL…laughing at this super intellectual dog… PS: congratulation for the boy who returned the book!!!”

Facebook user Luana Neves joked, “You could adopt him if you don’t have a tutor yet. Would be a great employee Super nice.”

Facebook user Sérgio Williams wisecracked “this is a good idea for dog gang you are creating 😂”

Check out the original video of the book-stealing doggie here:

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