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Bakery Was Struggling Until Customer Made a Special Facebook Post

Sometimes it just takes a small act of kindness to restore your faith in humanity. Haagensens Bakery had enjoyed many successful years on Princes Ave in Hull, England ever since Sofija Fisher opened it in 1995. Her business, however, suffered a rapid change in fortune when the recession began in 2008.

The Recession Results

According to Sofija, “We were doing fine and we were really busy but then the recession hit.”

“Things just stopped for a while and it took me a long time to get things started back up again. Then we decided to put the prices up and that lost us even more customers.”

In the past few months, things had gotten so bad that she was paying herself as little as £50 (around $64) a day and had to let her entire staff go. This led to the 62-year-old baker putting in long 17 hour days to compensate.

A Customer Steps In

Her fortunes began to change after a visit from one of her regular customers, Simon Newby. Sofija said, “He is one of my regulars who comes first thing every Saturday morning and buys a few breadcakes.

“When he came on Saturday, he asked if I was on my own and I explained that I had to let my baker go because I couldn’t afford to pay him.

“He then said that he wanted to try and put the word out there on Facebook to try and help me out but I didn’t think it would work.”

Putting The Word Out

The businesswoman was wrong. Simon posted a picture of the bakery on his Facebook page, along with this message: “Please use this little bakery on Princes Ave, she is really struggling, they do a variety of homemade bread, cakes, and pastries, can you please share this with all of your friends and get some support for her, USE IT OR LOSE IT.”

The following Monday, Sofija completely sold out. “I was obviously really happy but I was also quite worried because I had no stock left!” Sofija laughed.

To date, Simon’s Facebook post has been shared 6,250 times. For her part, Sofija says, “I am absolutely overwhelmed and happy and I promise to do my best to keep this business going.”

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