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Student Falls Asleep In Class And Teacher Reacts In Surprising Way

When students fall asleep in class, most teachers wake them up and scold them for not paying attention to the lesson. However, not all teachers are like Monte Syrie, who decided to take this opportunity to teach everyone an important lesson. For this simple act, he may just be voted Teacher of the Year.

Falling Asleep In Class

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay awake, no matter what you do. You can force your eyes to stay open, but you can only do that for so long before you eventually fall asleep.

That’s what happened to a student in Syrie’s sophomore English class. She fell asleep instead of completing an in-class written essay. But, did Syrie get upset and wake her up? No, instead he took this as an opportunity to teach everyone a valuable lesson for all teachers.

Understanding That Life Is Busy

Syrie knew his student was struggling to balance her chores at home and her extracurricular activities, as well as maintaining her classwork. With this in mind, the empathetic teacher isn’t surprised she fell asleep in class. In fact, he doesn’t blame her!

Adobe via SimpleMost

Syrie commented, “I know firsthand how overfull and hectic [his students’] lives are.”

He allowed his student to continue resting in his class and she turned in her assignment later that day. Syrie shared his story on social media, but he wasn’t expecting to receive positive feedback.

Praised For His Kindness

While some teachers would have scolded the student for falling asleep, Syrie knew this wasn’t usual behavior for his student. He knew she was a good student and that she was overwhelmed by her training for the spring track team. He commented that he can barely manage his life; therefore, he understands if a student needs a break.

@MonteSyrie via Twitter

On his Twitter post, other teachers praised Syrie for his compassion and understanding. Students have lives outside of school, and this teacher is definitely one who relates to the human side of teaching.

We need more teachers like him!

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