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While Cleaning, Student Finds Lamborghini That Had Been Untouched In Grandma’s Garage For Decades

If you hate cleaning, you might want to reconsider procrastinating. When a grandmother needed help cleaning up the garage, her grandchild learned that ordinary spaces might be hiding incredible treasures. Many garages succumb to being transformed into storage spaces and time capsules, with items laying in wait of being discovered once more.

Twenty Years In The Making

When Eriegin came to her grandmother’s aid, she didn’t know what she was going to find. Her grandfather had recently passed on, and cleaning out a garage filled with two decade’s worth of items was a daunting task. She knew that uncovering something valuable among the clutter was a possibility, so she braced herself for the unexpected.


Mounting Challenges

Even though Eriegin was having a tough time paying her bills and was engrossed in her studies, she knew she had to help her grandmother. Reading over important documents regarding her grandfather’s affairs, and making calculations about her grandmother’s finances made her feel anxious. If something didn’t change, it looked like a nursing home would be her grandmother’s future home.

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Rare And Dusty Secrets

Before Eriegin would get the chance to talk to her grandmother about fiscal affairs, she was steered to start cleaning the garage. Inside the garage, Eriegin’s grandfather had a big secret hiding under a tarp. When Eriegin looked under the tarp to find an old car, she had to do a double-take at the words emblazoned on the back.


High-End Horsepower

Eriegin’s grandfather was pretty secretive about his time spent in the garage, and for a good reason. For over two decades one of the rarest cars in the world, a 1982 LP500S Lamborghini Countach had been hiding inside undriven. And to top things off, there was also a Ferrari 308 next to the Lamborghini.


Stashed Cars Save The Day

Thanks to Eriegin’s grandfather stowing away these rare cars instead of selling them, both Eriegin and her grandmother received some life-altering news. Money problems would no longer be an issue thanks to offers made for both vehicles. Despite the condition of the cars, after being left in a leaky garage for decades, they would still fetch a pretty penny.


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