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Student Nominated For Nobel Prize After ‘Skipping School’ For Environmental Activism

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Young people have the power to change their world. Greta Thunberg, an ordinary student in Sweden, decided she would take a stand for climate change and global warming. When Greta found out her country’s government wasn’t following the Paris Agreement, she sparked young people around the world to protest. A revolution began, as Greta’s actions energized young people to mobilize and walk out of their classes to fight for the environment and their uncertain future.

Power Strike

When Greta Thunberg was eight-years-old, she first learned about global warming and its widespread impact. After realizing there was a lack of discussion on climate change, and mounting scientific evidence proved the planet was in dire straits, Greta was moved to act. Young people and future generations were the most vulnerable groups affected by climate change. As young people like Greta were unable to vote, protesting was the only viable option.

At the age of 15, Greta Thunberg decided to miss out on classes and stand in front of the Swedish Parliament with a sign that read, “School strike for climate.” Despite not receiving parental support for her environmental activism, Greta was undeterred to speak up for her beliefs and bring attention to a monumental issue. Initially, Greta planned to miss school every Friday to protest for three weeks, but she carried on her strike since it triggered like-minded students to follow her lead.

Strong In Solidarity

Greta became renown for her strikes on Friday, and her vocal position about politicians, the environment, and the plight of today’s youth. Not one to sugarcoat a grave issue, Greta began to speak at conferences saying, “Adults say that we have to give young people hope. But I don’t want you to hope. I want you to panic.”

Greta has come under scrutiny from critics who believe she is using climate change as a justification to play hooky from school, but the teen activist is passionate about fighting for her future. Thousands of students from over 400 cities in the United States, Australia, and Europe have taken part in similar walkouts, supporting Greta’s stance.

World Won’t Wait

In 2019, a study published by the IPPR showed that humans had reached a catastrophic tipping point, regarding dangerously escalating temperatures and the looming threat of societal collapse as a result.

Thanks to Greta’s bravery, students around the world started the Fridays for Future movement, and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio took to Twitter to support students striking for the environment. It’s time to

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