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Student Sends Teacher The Wrong File And This Is The Most Hilarious Story You’ll Read Today

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For every student out there, you may have found yourself in a situation where you’ve accidentally submitted the wrong file and now you’ve got to hope your professor will be kind enough to let you resubmit. Maybe it was late and you were tired, or maybe you were in a rush to reach that 11:59 p.m. deadline and in your haste selected the wrong file. Either way, it’s happened. Recently, it happened to a student by the name of Alex Sparrow and the internet can’t get enough of his story.

The Time To Submit

According to Sparrow, he accidentally submitted a photo of a sneezing cat instead of his essay.

On his Twitter account, he shared screenshots of the conversation with his friends. Of course, they couldn’t help but find amusement in his predicament. It didn’t take long for the internet to catch wind of Sparrow’s folly, and for his hilarious story to go viral.

The Professor Decides

The one question on everyone’s mind was, what happens now? Will his professor be kind and let him resubmit the assignment? The answer is yes.

In addition to being benevolent, according to Sparrow, his professor also inquired whether or not they could have the cat.

Too Good To Be True

There were skeptics, of course. Not everyone is convinced that his story is true. Some even go so far as to present evidence against Sparrow’s story. One Twitter user, Michael Martitty, points out that .docx extensions don’t show pictures.

Either way, our hero’s story makes for an amusing one. It’s possibly a cautionary tale to those who wait until the last minute to submit their assignments. Not all professors are so forgiving. No matter how cute the cat picture may be.

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