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Students Surprise Beloved High School Teacher, Who Lost Her Cat, With Two New Kittens

When a favorite Texas high school teacher lost her cat after 16 years, her students stepped in to cheer up their grieving instructor. The high school students acted quickly and selflessly to help their math teacher heal from her loss, proving that young people are capable of compassion.

Losing Blondie

The bond between humans and their animal companions is unshakable and powerful. Tonya Andrews was usually an upbeat and energetic math teacher at Joshua High in Texas, but trying to teach when crying over her cat was too much to bear.

The People Equation

When her students saw how visibly distressed their teacher was after losing her beloved cat, Blondie, they knew they had to do something. Three students, Ashlei Mahan, Sheridan Swindel, and Rachel Hanhart began planning on how to cheer up their favorite teacher.

Hatching The Purr-fect Plan

When most people would love to think that all young people are too self-absorbed and stuck on their smartphones to be selfless, Ashlei, Sheridan, and Rachel were out to prove the world wrong. Their teacher Mrs. Andrews needed some support, and they wanted to show their appreciation and condolences.

Fuzzy Dose

The three students made homemade cupcakes, bought balloons, and a bouquet of a dozen roses for their bereaved teacher. The girls also went out to get some kittens who needed a loving home, to help Mrs. Andrews move on from her loss.

Kindness And Kittens

Mrs. Andrews had a feeling that something was going on when she noticed all of her class wasn’t present by the time the tardy bell rang. Suddenly, in walked some of her students with flowers, balloons, cupcakes, and hugs in tow.

Rachel Hanhart / Twitter

Mrs. Andrews was brought to tears by the acts of kindness, but the surprises were not over yet. Last, but not least, Mrs. Andrews was presented with a pair of adorable kittens, Missy and Girlie. Mrs. Andrews would always remember Goldie, but the gift of two cuddly kitten sisters warmed her heart to tears of joy.

Watch for yourself and try not to cry.

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