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This Stunning Dog’s Adventurous Instagram Will Calm You Down

There’s nothing like a few puppy pictures to bring a little light into your day. But when you truly need to slow down, find peace, and go to your happy place, you’ll want to dive into the Instagram account of this gorgeous, adventure-oriented pup.

The Breathtaking Beauty Of Troja

These days, it seems almost atypical to not have some sort of social media for your pet. Without streams of adorable pictures of puppies, kittens, and other creatures, how sad would the internet be? But in the sea of photogenic animals out there, this gorgeous dog and her trips through the wilderness will take your breath away.

If you think your canine looks cute on walks, your heart will melt for this spectacular hiking Irish Setter. Troja lives in Norway with her dad, George Rotan. He happens to be a fantastic photographer, and Troja has gained plenty of attention for her photogenic adventures through the wilderness!

From Anxious Pup To Adventurous Pet

Back in 2012, Rotan adopted Troja from a very apprehensive breeder. As a puppy, Troja seemed extremely anxious and wary of the world. However, Rotan saw through Troja’s fears to witness her bright, individual personality. After he brought her home, Rotan began to take Troja out for hikes, and she adapted brilliantly to Rotan’s adventurous spirit.

Troja is no stranger to hiking with her human, yet Rotan admits that he didn’t always fully appreciate her beauty. There was a point in time where snapping photos of sweet Troja never crossed his mind. However, before long, the pup began to gain quite a bit of attention for her beauty on their hikes.

How Troja’s Life Has Changed

After showers of compliments from strangers, Rotan, who was already an expert with a camera, decided to start photographing their mountainside trips. After a short time, he set up an Instagram account for Troja called @george_and_troja. The internet immediately fell in love with the silky, chocolate canine. But they weren’t the only ones who gained an appreciation for Troja.

After starting to photograph Troja on their hikes, Rotan found that the duo developed a much more intimate connection. Pausing to take snaps of Troja forced Rotan to slow down and truly appreciate the presence of his pup. “It’s led to a very strong companionship,” he shared.

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