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Yes, Sugar Is Actually More Addictive Than Cocaine

Put down the Snickers! I repeat, put down the Snickers! Turns out, that “sugar rush” you’re experiencing is actually a similar the addiction people experience when they ingest cocaine. Now I know this seems scary, but don’t equate yourself to a drug addict just yet.

From Folklore To Fact

Before any proper research was done, sugar addiction was mainly explained anecdotally. That is, until a 2007 study changed everything.

A group of researchers from the University of Bordeaux was set out to determine which powdery substance was actually more addictive: sugar or cocaine. Their findings were nothing short of shocking.

Sugar Shock

Remember that sugar rush I mentioned before? Turns out, there’s some data to back that concept up. The researchers studied a group of rats and gave them two options, a lever which would administer cocaine to them or a second lever which would give them 20 seconds to drink as much sugar-sweetened water as they could.

After the test began, 94 percent of the rats chose the sugar water rather than the cocaine. Even further, the researchers increased the cocaine dosage of lever one and the rats STILL preferred the sugary substance more. But why?

Bonkers For Bon Bons

The team of researchers suggested the rats’ (as well as humans’) love for sugar is all a matter of evolution. They think our sugar responses are so out of this world because our sweetness receptors had evolved at a time when our diet was relatively low in the sweet stuff. Any sweetness we experience now that is beyond what we experienced then has the potential to make our brain’s reward centers go absolutely bonkers. So bonkers, in fact, that cocaine cannot compare to the high we get from our favorite sodas and candies.

Check out the video below to learn more about how sugar affects the brain.

Yep, I’m definitely cutting back on the Pepsi.

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