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You Need To Wear Sunscreen All Year Long, Not Just In Summertime

Everyone enjoys a little fun in the sun. But did you know, you should be wearing sunscreen every day and not just for your beach outings? Well, it’s true. Here are some good reasons to remember your SPF even on the cloudiest of days.

Simpler Than Ever

No excuses for not applying sunscreen, as this stuff is easier than ever to put on. No more grease, no more streaks. Sunscreen has come a long way. And it’ll bring your skin a long way too by preventing cancer.

Dr. Dosal

According to the American Cancer Society, too much exposure to the sun can greatly increase your risk for skin cancer – all the more reason to apply this stuff on the daily. Short, intense sun exposure, in particular, can put you at the highest risk of melanoma. “Daily sunscreens are vital because we get the majority of our sun exposure not when we go to the beach or the pool but when we’re driving in the car and walking to work,” Paul Naoum, co-founder and lead instructor of Esthetics and Cosmetology, said.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Sunburn

Yep, it’s even important to wear sunscreen on days where the sun is barely shining. This is because UV light rays can still hit the ground on the cloudiest of days. In some cases, clouds reflect the UV rays and actually increase your risk of getting a sunburn. Ouch!

Huffington Post

Sunscreen should be worn in wintertime, too, as snow can reflect the UV rays from the sun and intensify them even more. Who knew?

Kissing Crow’s Feet Goodbye

It’s no secret we all want to look younger. Daily sunscreen application can prevent skin aging, but did you know sunblock can also reverse the same effects?

Ethereal Aura Spa

Anything around SPF 30 should keep you looking young and fresh. So go on, apply some sunblock if you haven’t already. Your skin will thank you later.

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