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Super Mom Donates Gallons of Breast Milk to Babies in Need

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra is not like any other mom from Oregon. The 29-year-old has recently gained the attention of her local community and social media for having a big heart to donate breast milk to newborns that need it the most.

Anderson-Sierra has hyper lactation syndrome, which means that her breast milk production is unnaturally excessive than normal. She explained: “Not only do I overproduce, but I overproduce to an extreme if I nurse a lot and pump a lot.”

Incredibly, she revealed that about 1.7 gallons or 225 ounces of breast milk is produced on a daily basis. This amount is so much more than her now six-month-old baby Sophia’s daily consumption of 20 ounces. She donates the excess to local mothers struggling with producing milk of their own and milk banks.

The big-hearted mom shared: “Hundreds of mothers received my product. My milk is going not only to micro-preemies but also to babies locally. It’s full circle.”

But apparently, this wasn’t her first time to do this magnanimous charity. Her first child Isabella was born two-and-a-half years ago, and Anderson-Sierra also donated her excess breast milk. She estimated that her donations have reached almost 600 gallons, or not less than 75,000 ounces.

The generous mom of two said that her second child was also in need of donor milk after being born premature: “Even though I was a producer for my last child, I couldn’t even do it for my own daughter. When milk finally came in, I wanted to really make use of it and get that milk out there.”

Although she admitted that the need to constantly pump can sometimes prove to be uncomfortable, Anderson-Sierra is still determined to share the life-saving breast milk:  “What goes into this labor of love, the time and the wear and tear on the body. It’s amazing to hear how the people I donate to say our baby is thriving because of your breast milk. It’s been wonderful to see these babies grow up.”

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved