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5 Super Relatable Tweets About Life For Anyone In Their 30s

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Have you hit your thirties yet? If so, you’ll probably agree that your nights of partying until dawn are over. Long gone are the days of reckless abandon. Now, life revolves around morning meetings, baby showers, and Target runs. Here are five super relatable tweets that will remind you what your 30s are all about.

Drinking Is A Death Sentence

Twitter user @Home_Halfway’s tweet about drinking in your twenties versus drinking in your 30s is all too real. He joked that getting drunk while you’re young is all about going hard and driving to work in the morning while chugging beers when you’re older is basically a death notice. Preach!

Target Is Mecca

When Twitter user @karenkho was asked what life in your thirties was like, she quipped that “you get excited about a restaurant’s location because it’s close to Target and you need to buy soap.” When you get older, running errands totally counts as a fun activity. The responsibility is real!

“Netflix And Chill” Actually Means “Netflix And Chill”

While “Netflix and chill” is a common euphamism for, ahem, getting lucky among twenty-somethings, the phrase has a whole new meaning in your 30s, according to Twitter user @andrewsearles. In one’s fourth decade of life, it means actually hanging out and watching a film. Who knows? You might actually enjoy taking in an entire movie without alterior motives.

Baby Showers Are Turnt

Who hasn’t snuck a few drinks at the family baby shower? Twitter user @Lukemaybefunny knows firsthand that the struggle is real. He joked that “getting drunk at a mixed gender baby shower is spring break for people in their thirties.” Anyone who has drunk an entire bottle of rosé at a kid’s party knows this is true.

Everything Hurts

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