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5 Super Relatable Tweets Only Servers Will Understand

If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant business, particularly as a server or bartender, you know what a roller coaster it can be. Most would agree everyone should be required to work in the industry at least once in their lives. Not only does it build character, but it also shows you a different side of customer service — and people in general. There are a handful of experiences and feelings summed up in the following tweets that only servers can relate to.

The Excruciating Countdown ‘Til Close

As a server, you know one of the biggest parts of your job is to act friendly toward whoever walks through the door. But, at a certain point in your shift, it’s a lot easier said than done. When the only thing on your mind is how close to the finish line you are, the last thing you want is customers getting too comfortable. Tweets, tell it like it is.



Feeling Invisible No Matter How Nice You Are

Just because your primary role as a server is to take orders and run food, doesn’t mean you’re suddenly immune or oblivious to common decencies. There’s nothing quite like going up to a table and asking how everyone is, only to get “Water with lemon” as a response (and without eye contact).


A Too-Good-To-Be-True Customer

A customer who doesn’t immediately blame the server for something the kitchen got wrong? Or a customer who smiles, is patient, and understanding? How about a customer who leaves more than 20% just out of the kindness of their heart? Clearly, this is someone who has or currently works in the industry themselves.


Customers Aren’t Always Right

As servers, we know that it’s been a long-time school of thought that “the customer is always right.” The problem? The customer isn’t always right. But most of the time we have to swallow our pride, smile, and politely apologize — even when we did nothing wrong.

But then there are times when even a manager knows the customer isn’t right…and the tweets are here for it.

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The Satisfaction Of Having A Manager On Your Side

Every server knows what it’s like to encounter “that” customer — the one who thinks talking to a manager will solve all their problems. Furious at the idea of being denied an (outrageous) request, they assume incompetence from the person they’re speaking with. Which is why it is all too enjoyable when it turns out they are actually already talking to a manager.


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