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Super Useful Sponge Hacks You’ll Have To See To Believe

The kitchen sponge is a household item that usually isn’t given much thought. It’s there day in and day out, magically keeping your dishes clean. That’s not all this little wonder can do, however. Check out these ingenious hacks to get the most out of your sponges.

Reusable Water Balloon

Traditional water balloons can leave your yard looking like a war zone. A DIY trick from Household Hacker is to use sponges instead. The steps couldn’t be simpler.  Start by cutting sponges into thirds, then attach the pieces together with elastic. You then soak your newly created sponge bomb in water and fire away.

Household Hacker

Keep Fruits And Vegetables Fresher

If you find yourself constantly throwing out fruit and vegetables that have gone bad, this hack from Hometalk is for you. Take several sponges and line the bottom of the crisper drawer in your fridge. Place your fruits and vegetables in and let science do the rest. The sponges help keep your perishables elevated and away from moisture.


An Ice Pack That Won’t Melt

Opening a lunch box full of soggy food is a bummer. Giving your kid a dripping ice pack for a bump on the head is also a messy disaster. Enter the household sponge to the rescue. Because the sponge will absorb the water, this DIY ice pack hack is genius. After soaking your sponge in water, simply seal it in a plastic bag and pop it in the freezer.

Family Maven

Double-Sided Duster

Cleaning double-sided surfaces can be a hassle. With a pair of tongs and two sponges, you can do twice the cleaning in half the time. Begin by cutting an incision into the bottom of each of the sponges. Next, slide the tongs through the opening and have at it. This handy creation from ThaiTrick can be used on anything from shelves to coffee tables.


Nails So Fancy You’ll Look Like A Pro

This nail hack from 5-Minute Pro is everything. Chose to three colors of nail polish in the gradient order you want. Cut a sponge into a small square and paint the sponge with a stripe of each color. Finally, dab your nails with the sponge and use a cue-tip to remove the extra paint from your nails. It’s as easy as that.

Minute Pro

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