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Supermom With Cat-Like Reflexes Saves Son From Balcony Fall in Colombia

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In Medellin, Colombia a mother and her son were walking out of an elevator in an office building. There was a balcony with a railing outside of the elevator. While the mother was on the phone, the boy crouched down in front of the railing. He lost his balance and began to fall head first. Fortunately, his mother was able to grab him by the ankles. The story was first reported by El Espectador, a Colombian newspaper, and the closed-captioned video of the incident has gone viral, with everyone from parents to building inspectors giving their opinion on what could have prevented this.

Scary Day At The Office

Although the mother had cat-like reflexes, she needed help from others to pull her son back up to safety. When the mother and son exited the elevator, there was another man who was also riding with them. Although the mother could not see them at first, there were also several women behind a glass door in a nearby office.

Fortunately, all of the bystanders noticed what was going on almost as soon as the mother did. The man who was in the elevator rushed down the stairs hoping to be able to catch the boy before he hit the floor. The mother was able to grab the son by his ankle, but she was struggling to pull him up because the force of gravity was pulling him down. The women who saw the scene unfold helped pull the boy up. Almost as soon as he had fallen, he was safe, back on level ground.

What Happened Next?

All of the footage of this harrowing scene is rather blurry because it was picked up by the security cameras of the office building. See it for yourself, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Although it is known that El Espectador was the first to report this story, it is unclear how the news agency got word of the story. The mother and son have not been identified, so none of the news agencies that have reported on this story know exactly who they are or why they were in that office building that day. Aside from being scared, it is expected that the boy will be alright. He did not hit any surfaces when he fell. There is a potential for the boy, the mother, and the women who helped pull him up to have stress injuries from the strain of pulling him up.

Mom Shaming Ensues

While most commenters were simply happy that the mom was able to catch her son from a potentially life-threatening fall, there were a group of people who berated the mom for being on her phone. Whether she was on her phone or not, no one could have possibly expected that the little boy would have been small enough to fit through the railing. Although the mother was on her phone, she was facing her son the entire time. She had to have had at least one eye on him, to be able to see that he was falling so quickly. If she had truly been fully distracted by her phone, there would have been no way for her to catch her son in time.

We are so thankful that this young boy did not fall through the railing. This does open up a conversation about building design. Sometimes style is viewed as more important than safety when buildings are designed. If a young boy could slip through the grating, an adult leaning on the grating could easily tumble over it or get a leg stuck in it. It would be much safer to have any ledges leading to a four-story fall completed covered.

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