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Former Brady Bunch Star Gets Fired Following Homophobic Rant

Last week on December 9th 2016, actress and radio host Susan Olsen, famous for her role as Cindy Brady in popular 70’s sitcom ‘The Brady Bunch’, was fired from her job as co-host of the LA Talk Radio show ‘Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics’. This was after she got embroiled in an ugly online showdown with one of the guests, actor Leon Acord-Whiting, in a show that aired on Wednesday.

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During the show, which discussed various issues, there was a heated conversation between Olsen, a Trump supporter and Acord-Whiting. However, the conversation did not stop after the show. Acord-Whiting went on Facebook and wrote a post criticizing Susan Olsen, saying she was using the show to spread outrageous misinformation and that the show was dangerous and unprofessional. He gave examples where Olsen had stated that being a patriot and a liberal are mutually exclusive. She had also allegedly said that Hillary Clinton was the cause of protests and hate crimes and had called the Koran a political tract.

In response, Susan Olsen revealed her homophobia, launching an expletive-filled and inflammatory attack on the actor-calling him a snake in the grass, a piece of human waste, a liar and a coward. Acord-Whiting would later post a screenshot of the message on Facebook that he claims was sent to him by Olsen.

After this unsavory confrontation went online, LA Talk Radio acted swiftly. In a statement, the company stressed that it took pride in its collaborative and close relationship with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.The statement went on to say that the company would continue to be a home for those who championed and shared positive messages of tolerance and togetherness with the listeners. It finished by saying that hateful speech will not be tolerated by the radio station and therefore it had no choice but to sever ties with Susan Olsen, who had veered off in a direction that was at odds with the direction that the radio was taking.

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Afterwards, Leon Acord-Whiting, who is openly gay, added that getting fired was a sad event-even where the person deserved it. Voicing his appreciation at the support that he had been given during the exchanges, he termed the action as ‘course correction’ and not a victory.

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