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Swedish Bodybuilding Landscaper Earns Japanese Citizenship And Becomes A Superstar Overnight

Over time, a Swedish man fell absolutely in love with the country of Japan. So much so, he actually became a naturalized Japanese citizen. Surprisingly, this guy has also managed to work on his passion and highlight their culture at the same time. And his work has actually made him pretty popular with the locals. Check out this crazy story!

Japanese At Heart

Jakob Sebastian Björk was born in Sweden, but he’s had an eye for Japanese culture since his teen years. In high school, he got the amazing opportunity to visit a friend in Yokohama for three months. It turned out to be a life-changing trip. Jakob visited Japan again after graduation and made the decision to stay. He gave up being a citizen in Sweden to become a true Japanese citizen. And that’s not all he gave up…

New Home, New Name

Upon his arrival in Japan, Jakob was, in a sense, reborn. He began working as an apprentice gardener under a man by the name of Masa. Masa gave Jakob a new name: Tatsumasa Murasame. Murasame means “passing shower” in Japanese, while Tatsu means “dragon.” And a part of Jakob’s new name was a nod to his great relationship with Masa and the work they do together.

Passion For Landscaping

Tatsumasa has been studying gardening for five years in Chubu, finding his true passion. He fell in love with Japanese landscaping, working alongside Masa on various gardening projects. He’s not only found work that he loves but also work that allows him to show off the Japanese culture to others. But, even though he loves landscaping, he also does other work that’s made him quite popular in the country.

Can’t Stop The Side Hustle

In addition to his landscaping work, Tatsumasa has gained popularity as a competitive bodybuilder. The handsome landscaper has also ventured out into modeling, starring in different ad campaigns in Japan. He’s even made appearances on different TV shows, including More Japanese Than a Japanese Person. All of Tatsumasa’s work has made him pretty famous, too.

A New Japanese Star

Because of his time in the spotlight, Tatsumasa is now a rising beloved star in Japan. It’s interesting because he’s not even from there! Yet, he’s managed to create a strong army of dedicated followers who love his work. Tatsumasa has proven to be a jack of all trades, and he’s in Japan to stay!

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