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Sweet Dog Makes Stunning Recovery After Falling Down A Well

Animals who find themselves trapped in scary situations don’t always have the tools to save themselves. When this poor canine fell into a dirty well and broke her leg, the likelihood of her survival was extremely low. But, thanks to a team of dedicated rescuers, she was saved in the nick of time!

Poor Canine’s Accident: Fallen In A Well

While dogs may be versatile, active animals, they are just as prone as humans are to accidents, slip-ups, and injury. A pup in India this week gave herself quite a fright when she broke her leg and fell into a water-filled well. Luckily, all hope wasn’t lost for the injured creature!

Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

Intensely Injured: A Dire Rescue Mission

As the pup’s strength began to give, someone noticed the poor dog’s grim condition and contacted Animal Aid Unlimited. When they arrived, rescuers carefully fished the terrified canine from the muddy water. Taking care not to exacerbate her injuries, they moved quickly to get her medical care before it was too late!

Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

Mission To Revive: Shocked At The Shelter

When the dog was brought to the shelter, her condition was grim. She was in shock from the terrifying event and her leg, now infected, needed to be amputated. Surgeons were certain that removing her leg would be her best chance at survival. However, the procedure wouldn’t be as simple as her rescuers had hoped.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

Rehabilitating The Pup: Prepping Her For Surgery

After major blood loss and trauma, the canine would need to rest, refuel, and regain her energy in order to last through the surgery. Her treatment team spent hours caring for in order to prep her for the amputation. Along the way, her rescuers were frightened that they may lose the little dog. But thankfully, a miracle seemed to pull the pup through!

Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

A Successful Recovery: Surviving And Thriving

After hours of being rehabilitated, the dog underwent a successful surgery to remove her leg. Now, the pup, later named Phoenix, is all snuggles! The sweet canine is adjusting to her three-legged life with ease and is hyper, playful, and active. Phoenix nearly lost her life in that well, but thanks to a dedicated team of rescuers, she’s alive another day to cuddle!

Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

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