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There’s No Way To Stay Mad At This Sweet-Faced Puppy Who Destroyed A $3,000 Couch

Let’s face it: dogs can sometimes be incredibly destructive. As adorable as they are, they are also masters at shredding, ripping, tearing, and devouring a plethora of possessions! This was the case with Blaze, a massive bulldog-mix with a heart of gold and an aptitude for destruction. But could you stay mad at this sweet canine?

Raising A Reckless Blaze

When Kelly Davidson’s canine Bella gave birth to a beautiful litter of pups, she was immediately smitten by them. While she didn’t have the ability to care for all of them, she held onto one of the puppies whom she named Blaze. Davidson first fell in love with Blaze for his massive, unique eyebrows! But while Blaze may have a sweet face, this pup is full of high-spirited shenanigans.

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Blaze’s Blinding Energy

Although his mother tended to be a calm, collected canine, Blaze was a ball of energy since the moment he was born! While most puppies are actively curious and excitable, the pup seemed to go out of his way to rip various objects to shreds. Davidson wasn’t surprised by the pup’s energetic behavior, as she expected there to be some puppy-like chaos when she held onto Blaze. However, his most recent object of destruction took Davidson’s breath away!

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A Disaster Waiting To Happen

On the day of that fateful disaster, Davidson headed off for a hair appointment at 11 a.m., leaving Blaze home with her sleeping son. However, the young man didn’t wake up until 12:30 p.m., giving Blaze plenty of time to create a major mess! While Davidson was gone, Blaze busted into the living room to play. What he destroyed sent the whole family into shock!

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A Massive, Expensive Mess

Rather than choosing a tiny, inexpensive item to tear up, Blaze aimed for the biggest item he could reasonably destroy: a massive, $3,000 sofa! Davidson came home to a room filled with stuffing, ripped-up fabric, and a seemingly satisfied Blaze! At first, Davidson was understandably disturbed by the scene. However, she wasn’t able to stay too furious for long.

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Davidson’s Unconditional Love For The Destructive Pup

At the end of the day, Davidson didn’t care about the couch as much as she cared about the wellbeing of Blaze. “He’s such a good dog, so loving and loyal,” she explained. As for the sofa, she stated, “We can buy a new one, and Blaze is invaluable.” It’s clear that Davidson’s love for her huge pup is immense. Besides…could you stay angry at his fuzzy little face?

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