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The Sweet Truth About Moon Milk

This ancient sleep remedy is the grown-up version of warm milk before bed.

If you’ve ever tried heating up a glass of warm milk to help you sleep, you’ll want to learn more about this all natural sleep booster. Known for its calming and restorative properties, this delicious nightcap can even strengthen your immune system.

What’s In It?

The key ingredient is ashwagandha, a plant similar to Indian ginseng. Ayurvedic healers have used it for centuries. Most recipes call for combinations of turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, black pepper, and that all-powerful ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha is used on the Indian subcontinent to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue, and nervous system disorders. It can be purchased online or at health food stores in a powder form.

Where It Comes From

Moon Milk is an ancient Ayurvedic sleep remedy. In India, the practice of Ayurvedic healing is sacred and dates back millennia. With the key component being Indian ginseng, it is widely used in holistic medicine. Despite its many uses, if you have any dietary restrictions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s always best to check with your doctor before trying something new.

What It Does

The key ingredients in Moon Milk have several restorative and sleep-inducing properties. The milk itself contains tryptophan, which produces serotonin, causing sleepiness. A dash of turmeric helps with inflammation, while cinnamon and nutmeg are known as sleep aids. Black pepper can have a calming effect. You can also add lavender for relaxation or tart cherries, which contain a natural melatonin. They also just look pretty.

So, Does This Actually Work?

Many sleep experts will tell you that staying away from screen time and instead choosing a more calming ritual can signal your body that it’s time for sleep.

Buzzfeed writer Hannah Loewentheil tried Moon Milk herself after struggling with years of restless nights. She reported the drink actually did help her feel sleepy shortly after trying it.

Thousands of posters on social media and centuries of tradition are also great testaments.

How To Make It Yourself

-1 cup of cow’s milk (you can also substitute almond, plant-based or lactose-free milk)
-1/2 teaspoon ashwagandha
-1/2 teaspoon turmeric
-A dash of ground ginger
-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
-A dash of nutmeg
-A dash of black pepper
-1 teaspoon of honey

Directions: Begin heating the milk on low to medium heat. Slowly add in the turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, and ashwagandha. Stir the mixture 5-10 minutes until its smooth. Remove from heat. Add in the honey.

Begin sipping your way to sleep and enjoy.

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