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This Swiss Cinema Installed VIP Beds Instead Of Chairs For The Ultimate Cozy Theater Vibe

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Would you pay almost $50 ($48.50 to be exact) to watch a movie? While that price tag may seem a little steep, moviegoers are willing to pay it for Cinema Pathe, a theater that opened in May 2019 in Spreitenbach, Switzerland. Why? This theater has several extremely unique seating arrangements. You can watch your movie sitting on beanbags in a children’s’ themed room. You can also watch the big screen while laying in a bed and wearing slippers, and that’s not all this amazing theater offers. 

Best Of Both Worlds

The way we watch movies has changed dramatically in recent years. You don’t have to go to a movie theater to see your favorite movie. Movies can be streamed from pretty much any device that has access to the Internet, and you have the option of renting or downloading it. While people used to gather around the living room television to watch movies, we all love lying in bed and watching television. What if you could get the comfort of laying down while watching a movie with the sound and video quality that is offered by a movie theater? Cinema Pathe, a brand new theater in Switzerland, has coupled that comfortable bedroom movie watching experience with the luxury of the big screen.

There are several different luxurious rooms in Cinema Pathe. The theater with beds is a VIP experience. Guests in that theater pay the most for their tickets and get the most amenities. Instead of sitting in a tight movie theater seat, guests get to lounge in their own double bed. There are eleven sets of double beds in the theater, so pick your seat wisely. It might be awkward laying next side-by-side with someone you’ve never met. Each bed comes with a nightstand, perfect for holding your food or your cell phone. Of course, guests are treated to all of the fan favorite movie theater foods like popcorn and soda, but VIP moviegoers can also order hardier meals like crepes and hot dogs. Complimentary slippers are another great perk of taking in a great movie in this luxurious theater.

Wide Variety Of Choices

Another room offers a unique movie experience for the younger audience. There is a kids themed room (with much cheaper tickets) where little guests can sit on huge colorful bean bags. One one side of the theater, there is a huge slide that lands in an enticing ball pit. How much movie watching will really be going on in that theater? It might be like more of a playground, but children are sure to love it either way. Each of the special experience theaters has a limited number of seats. Moviegoers who pay for the experience will really get to enjoy it without being crowded out by too many people.

Although the surroundings in Cinema Pathe are very unique, the movies offered in the theater are also extremely unique. Unlike most theaters that only play current films, Cinema Pathe plays older movies too. Especially in the children’s theater, there are old family favorites shown alongside new movies. Cinema Pathe theaters also show movies that cater to a wide variety of languages and interests. In one theater, you can see a movie from the Cannes Film Festival, one from Hollywood, and another from Bollywood.

High standards Of cleanliness

The concept of having beds in a movie theater is not common, but it is not completely new. The Pathe theater that has opened in Switzerland is one of many in a chain scattered all around Europe. The theater in Spreitenbach is the first of its kind to open in Switzerland. Reviews for the unique theater have been largely positive. Cinema Pathe management are very particular about keeping their theaters clean. Messy bed sheets would be absolutely disgusting, so the sheets are changed in between each showing. Guests can rest assured that they are lounging in a clean comfy bed while watching their favorite movies. Just don’t fall asleep!

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