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This Dog-Loving T.V. Host Gave A Homeless Pup The Perfect Pet Store Trip

Any dog-parent knows that our four-legged friends can find joy almost anywhere. However, one location is truly a puppy paradise: the pet store. From treats to toys, it’s hard to deny the doggy dreaminess of a trip there. However, some puppies aren’t lucky enough to hit the pet store, including this homeless sweetheart. Yet, one man set out to change the canine’s life…and bought him everything he touched!

King’s Chaotic Upbringing

By the time 12-year-old King was rescued from the streets, he’d spent most of his life in pain. The sweet canine was abandoned, homeless, and starving. Left in harsh conditions, King eventually got hit by a car and had his front leg amputated. After such a rough upbringing, Marley’s Mutts, an animal rescue group, wanted to help the suffering pup as much as they could.

However, finding King a home proved to be tricky. Since he was both elderly and disabled, applications for adoption were essentially nonexistent. For a while, it seemed like King might never find a family. However, a kind-hearted television show host wanted to make sure that wouldn’t happen…and spoiled King plenty along the way.

Kanaka’s Dream For King

When Rocky Kanaka, host of Dog’s Day Out, first met King during one of his shows, he knew he wanted to help. Thankfully, that was Kanaka’s job. On Dog’s Day Out, Kanaka was responsible for giving shelter dogs the perfect day. Whether it was taking them to the park or investing in the canine’s future, his life was dedicated to bringing happiness to neglected pups.

Kanaka met King during one of his shows, and couldn’t help but fall in love. “How can you not see that senior guy, and go ‘we gotta help him?'” Kanaka explained. Fortunately, Kanaka came up with a plan sure to please King: taking him to a pet store and buying him everything he touched. It may sound a little extreme, yet for King, it meant the world. He’d never been to a pet store or owned toys. While the experience was simple, it was life-changing.

An Unbeatable Dream Day

As King bounded through the aisles of PetSmart, the joy on his face was unbeatable. His tongue flopped behind him as he nose-bopped everything from toys to cat towers (which, yes, Kanaka bought for him). Kanaka caught every touching moment (pun intended) in a precious episode of his show. It was enough to make every dog lover fall in love with King. But luckily, the pup no longer needed a home.

Thankfully, King found himself a mom after he was first featured on Kanaka’s show. Still, Kanaka wanted to make sure King started his new life with plenty of toys, treats, and possessions…and took him on a second shopping trip. And while King picked out plenty of high-priced items, the look on his face was priceless!

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