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Taipei Mayor Drops Amusing Rap Video In Re-election Bid And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

Move over, Kendrick Lamar. The man responsible for the hottest hip hop track burning up the Internet is Ko Wen-je of Taiwan. Defying stereotype, this rapper is 59-years-old. Not only that, but he’s also the mayor of Taipei. In the video he just dropped, Ko encourages viewers to “Do Things Right.”

Catchy Campaign Tactics

Set to a beat known in hip hop as “trap music,” the video opens with dramatic shots of government buildings, including a hall in the municipal building and a conference room.

Ko Wen-je - Taipei mayor


Ko sported a no-frills, no nonsense look and apparently turned away typical rap garb, as he amusingly wore a pair of high-waisted trousers, glasses, and a simple button down with a pen in the pocket. In English he raps, “do the right thing, do things right,” while later, repeats, “guai guai de,” which translates to meaning: “strange.”

Cue the Guest Star

We are not treated to an entire production of Ko’s rhymes. Early on he’s joined by Chunyan, a rapper famous in Taiwan’s underground hip hop scene. Chunyan, dancing while wearing what appears to be a very full backpack — is he carrying groceries, or maybe bricks? — takes over, rapping, “Don’t steal chickens or pet the dog,” slang expressions for engaging in petty crime.



The idea is: be a good person. Be the best you can be.

A Viral Sensation

Ko has a reputation for doing things a bit differently. Considered an outsider to Taiwan politics, the former trauma surgeon once dressed up as an anime character. He has a knack for using social media to connect to young people in Taiwan.

Taipei mayor


And it seems to be working. In less than a day, Do The Right Thing garnered 4000 comments on YouTube. As Ko’s popularity increases, rumors circulate of a run for president.

Guai guai de, indeed. Pretty catchy, right?

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