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A Teacher Fighting Cancer Ran Out Of Sick Days, So His Co-Workers Stepped In

A Florida teacher discovered the terrible news that he had cancer. He was on for the fight of his life, but was in desperate need of more sick days in order to receive chemotherapy sessions. After a plea online, he was absolutely stunned by the response from his fellow teachers.

A Terrifying Diagnosis

Robert Goodman was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in April 2018. The man, who taught history at Palm Beach Gardens Community High School, was horrified. Nonetheless, Robert powered through, getting surgery and going to chemotherapy to fight this beast. He even shared his journey with others on Facebook to update family and friends on his progress, as well as to encourage others who may have been going through the same thing.

The problem was that that his cancer fight took a lot of time away from his job. Not only was Robert missing his students and fellow teachers, but he had run out of sick leave. He knew that he needed extra time off to continue chemo and recover, so he decided to reach out for help.

A Plea For Help

In a moving Facebook post, Robert laid out his dilemma for his fellow co-workers. “I’m looking into a catastrophic leave of absence by the school district but I’m short 20 days sick days to qualify for that,” he admitted in the post. “If I can get 20 more sick days from any teacher or district employee volunteers that would allow me to take more time to recover in battle through chemo for 12 weeks which should be enough time for me to complete at least the treatment.”

Robert posted the caption, along with a picture of himself at chemo, and hoped for the best. If he didn’t get any responses, he would have to report to work on August 6, 2018. Would anyone stand up for him?

Answering The Call

In an amazing response, teachers, staff, administration and lunchroom employees throughout the county gave a total of 75 sick days to Robert. And it only took four days! Though he was surprised at how quickly people responded, Robert wasn’t surprised that his teachers sacrificed their time for him. “Teachers are always giving all the time,” he said in an interview. “When one of their own needs help they’ll always step up.”

Not only did he receive the sick days, but Robert also received encouraging words from those employees as well as his students. It was definitely motivation for him to keep fighting. Robert’s story is also a good reminder to all that a little compassion goes a long way!

Watch Robert’s thank you video to his fellow employees below!

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