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This Teacher Uses Memes In An Interesting Way To Help His Students Learn

David Red is a physics professor at St. John’s River State College in Florida who has found a unique way to relate to his students. He recreates popular memes and uses them as a fun way to communicate with his students and fellow teachers. Check out these hilarious examples of his sense of humor.

Making The Grade

“Students generally seem to really like the memes or really anything I do that makes it feel to them like I’m actually trying to talk to them and not just reading from a script or text,” David said in an interview. He said that this meme is for that one failing student who finds out they can pass if they get a 100% on the final exam.


Keeping It Light

David said that he used this IT-themed meme to help his students deal with the stress of a final exam. “The IT meme that you may have seen was actually right before a final exam and the final was then themed around the movie, using the same characters and props.”


Staying Present

“Anything that makes the students feel like I put my real-self into the class helps, whether it’s memes or one of these other gimmicks,” David said. “If my real-self is in the room, then their real-self shows up too. And when they’re fully present like that, they learn.”


Inspiration From Procrastination

David said that the first meme came about from him sitting at his desk looking at a pile of tests and labs to grade. “Instead of tackling it head-on, I procrastinated and saw a meme on my Facebook feed that I immediately connected to my own frustration. It went from there.”


All About Teaching

“I love the students generally and most of them are fantastic people that are really trying,” David said. “But like all teachers that deal with thousands of students, there are the occasional few that drive you crazy. And there are tedious elements of all teaching jobs (like most all jobs) that wear down teachers. That’s what the memes are mostly about – the elements of teaching that are frustrating to all teachers.”


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