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Teacher Husband Spends $800 From Family Vacation Fund To Help Student, And His Wife Has The Best Response

Any marriage counselor can tell you — one of the biggest causes of tension in a marriage is finances. Well, in this story, a husband took out $800 from his vacation budget without telling his wife. The thing is? She’s not mad.

One In A Million Soulmate

In his text, teacher James buttered up his wife with an intro that he knew she’d understand because “you’re my amazing, one in a million soulmate.”

Her response was classic: “Oh boy.” Oh, boy, is right. Every spouse would brace themselves if they got a text with that opening. Like, what kind of shenanigans did you just pull?

An Observation About A Student

James noticed one of his students didn’t seem to wear warm enough clothes. The kid wore the same hoodie and sneakers every day, and the teacher was especially concerned about the student’s lack of coat on a very cold day.

When he brought it up to his student, James learned that the kid lives with his grandfather. Between his grandfather’s small pension and the student’s job at Chic-Fil-A, money is tight: “they can barely cover rent, bills, and food.”

Six Days Instead Of Eight

The teacher made an executive decision. He took out 800 dollars from the couple’s vacation savings and he took his student and the grandfather shopping for clothes and groceries.

This means the couple will now only be able to travel for six days instead of the eight planned. James told his wife he was sorry, but that he had to act: “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I didn’t even think about it I just knew I had to help.”

James’s story is made sweeter with his wife’s response. She wasn’t mad about the $800. She was proud of her partner, and asked if the student and his grandfather would like to join them for Christmas.

See? Kindness is out there! Excuse me, I’ve got a little something in my eye.

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