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Teacher’s Facebook Rant On ‘Enabler Parents’ Is Shedding Light On A Big Issue

Texas school teacher Julie Marburger has received criticism for a social media rant she wrote recently for reasons why she is leaving the profession. The biggest reason? It’s a thankless job and said that she plans to leave the teaching professional altogether. In her post, she critiqued her students for being disrespectable towards her and her classroom. You can imagine how parents reacted to the post…

Quitting After Two Years

Marburger was a teacher for two years and always dreamed of having her own classroom. However, she never dreamed of having her students trash the room, be disrespectable towards her, and not apologize for their bad behaviors. She said that when she spoke to parents about the problem, she didn’t receive any help…

Julie Marburger via Facebook

Forced To Fail Students

One parent, she said, thought it was wrong of Marburger to hold her son accountable for his behavior and rudely criticized her in front of her son. Marburger added that her students didn’t complete assignments, and that the teacher’s administrators weren’t understanding towards her for failing multiple students. Marburger asked for cooperation, but instead is being attacked for voicing her opinion.

Julie Marburger via Facebook

Enabling ehaviors

Marburger says parents need to stop coddling and enabling their children. She asked parents to stop allowing their children to behave poorly and protecting them when they clearly have made mistakes. Instead of blaming her, she called on parents to work with their child to improve their behaviors. Marburger hopes her message can be the voice of reason in the teaching profession.

Julie Marburger via Facebook

Reactions To The Post

Marburger’s Facebook post has been shared over 280,000 times on the social media platform. Many parents criticized the teacher for voicing her opinion on social media, saying she needed to be more understanding. However, others sympathized with her perspective. Many commented that America doesn’t value its teachers enough.

Shedding Light On A Touchy Subject

Marburger’s post has shed light on the way teachers should be treated for spending time with children for eight hours of a day. Teachers shared that “parenting” should be a required class in school. Others said they have retired at a young age because the profession has become tiring. Marburger is happy her post has raised awareness and that it will hopefully motivate parents to work one-on-one with children about their behaviors.

Jessica Hill via AP

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