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#OneOutfit100Days: One Teacher’s Movement To Rock The Same Dress For 100 Days To Fight Consumerism

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Ever looked into your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear? In reality, you probably had about four or five decent outfits in there. But New Jersey art teacher Julia Mooney literally shrunk her closet down to one outfit and rocked it for 100 days. Here are five reasons why Mooney waged war with her wardrobe.

Save Time

The most practical reason that Mooney is choosing the minimalist lifestyle is to save time. With two young children at home of her own, she clearly doesn’t want to worry about the whole fashion competition thing at 6:30 AM. Most of us night owls probably feel the same way.

Slow Fashion

If you have ever shopped at Forever 21, you’ll know what fast fashion is. Cheap, trendy fabrics at a great price are a popular choice for most people, but the product doesn’t last long. Mooney’s mission to promote slow fashion is all about great quality, fresh environment, and fair labor.

Child Labor Laws

One of the most important reasons that inspired Mooney to re-wear the same outfit 100 times is an effort to support child labor laws. Since production is cheaper abroad, many clothing companies employ underage workers who don’t have laws to protect them. By buying less, she’s preventing another child from clocking into work.

Bigger Closet

Let’s be honest— having a bigger closet is an insanely huge perk of downsizing. Mooney’s closet probably looked pretty bare during her #OneOutfit100Days challenge, but nowadays, she does wear more than one outfit. The biggest difference is that she makes sure that she buys secondhand and that she wears it until it’s completely worn out.

Promote Sustainability

Mooney’s goal is to encourage sustainability at all costs, even if it means boring your co-workers with the same look for most of the year. Her effort has inspired many more women to join the fight against consumerism. You might just find yourself throwing on your favorite look for a couple of months too!

Mooney’s Instagram account @oneoutfit100days quickly blew up and she gained almost 6,500 followers. Social media response has been super encouraging!

@delgeoI1 stated on Twitter, “I want to be in her classroom.. #OneOutfit100Days”

@ScottHanson fanboyed on Twitter, “I would 100% do this if my job allowed. #OneOutfit100Days”

@ImJoshMichaels was 100% down on Twitter, “So cool! #OneOutfit100Days”

@Magpie0876 joined the cause on Twitter, “Proud to join my colleagues in this challenge starting tomorrow. I’ll only be doing 30 days, but I’ll be supporting each one who has committed to the full 100. #robioUS #oneCCPS #wearenotwhatwewear #oneoutfit100days”

@hannn_taylor hopped on the bandwagon on Twitter, “All for integrating sustainable strategies into everyday items, what a movement this teacher started! #oneoutfit100days”

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