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These Teachers Offered To Donate Kidneys For A Student’s Father And Ended Up Saving Eight Lives

There are good teachers, and then there are teachers who exceed all expectations. They care for their students and want only the best for them in every facet of their lives. For example, look at Allison Malouf and Britani Atkinson, who became donors when a father desperately needed a new kidney to survive. Let’s give these teachers a shiny red apple!

A Miracle Transplant

Neil Emmott of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, had been suffering from polycystic kidney disease since 2001. He had always been able to manage the symptoms, but things took a turn for the worse in 2016 when his kidney function dropped below 20 percent. He needed a miracle kidney transplant, and all he needed was a willing donor.

Confiding In Her Friends

Neil’s wife, Lisa, worked at Ft. Lauderdale’s Bethany Christian School. After her husband’s severe kidney diagnosis, she needed to talk to someone. She began confiding to her coworkers, including their daughter’s first-grade teacher, Allison Malouf.

“I needed to share the mammoth weight that was bearing down on my shoulders,” Lisa said.

Desire To Donate

Luckily, Malouf knew exactly how Lisa felt, as her husband also needed a miracle kidney transplant many years ago. She understood the donor process, so she immediately offered to donate her own kidney.

“I had complete peace and a strong desire to donate,” Malouf commented. “Being their daughter’s teacher, I desperately wanted to help this wonderful family.”

But that’s not all that happened.

Another Unexpected Offer

Malouf wasn’t the only one who offered a kidney. Lisa’s friend and nursery school teacher, Britani Atkinson, secretly began the evaluation process to become a donor, as well.

“I knew how desperate I would be if I found myself in their situation, and the solution seemed so easy,” Atkinson said. “I had two kidneys and I only needed one. If I could give one to Neil to keep their family whole, why would I not?”

Creating Life-Saving Chains

It wasn’t an easy process, however. The teachers’ kidneys didn’t match with Neil’s. But they didn’t give up just yet. They registered as living kidney donors.

The donor list finds matches for donor/patient groups and “chains” them together so they all receive compatible organs. Because of the teachers, two separate chains were created from their organs, saving eight lives — including Neil, who received his kidney from a stranger in California as a direct result of the teachers creating the chains.

Lisa commented, “If life is a classroom, Britani and Allison wrote the lesson plans.”

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