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Teen with Cerebral Palsy Becomes The First Female Player on Soccer Team

Hannah Diviney, who lives in the United Kingdom is the first and only female soccer player in a wheelchair to be part of a prestigious soccer team. The 19-year-old girl is proving that her physical condition will not deter her from doing what she loves. And this sends out a powerful message to people who suffer from any form of disability.

According to Yahoo! News, she is “the first and only girl on the Manchester United Powerchair Team, a division of the mighty Manchester United soccer club in England.”

The girl, who has been wheelchair-bound since 2012, suffers from cerebral palsy – a physical condition that impairs her motor skills and limits her movements.

But because she loves to play soccer, she has not stopped playing the game. Inside Edition featured the story stating that “she started playing powerchair football in 2012 after her condition left her unable to play on her feet.”

Asked how she manages to play, she responded, “I am currently the only girl in my club but I get no special treatment – other teams used to think I was an easy target, but they soon learned looks can be deceiving!”

Hannah also said that being part of the team has helped her in so many ways she could imagine. She had learned to gain more control of her wheelchair and has better confidence in herself and in her abilities.

Power football is increasingly gaining popularity in the UK, providing people with disabilities an opportunity to play their favorite game just like everyone else.

Using a specially designed electric wheelchair, Hannah plays alongside three other members who also have forms of physical disabilities. She said: “I’m a normal 19-year-old girl. I have always loved football. I just want to be the best I can be.”

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