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Teen Discovers Sometimes A Free Dog Isn’t Even A Dog

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A teenage college student was walking down the road on his way home when he saw a box. Inside the box was a sweet puppy with a sign next to him that read, “Free.” So, he did what most dog lovers would do in that situation; he brought the dog back home and named him Neo. Right away, he noticed that Neo differed from any other dog he’d ever owned.

Puppy Antics

Instead of sleeping a lot and rough-housing some like most puppies do, Neo had way more energy than any dog he’d ever known. He refused to potty train, he destroyed everything in sight, and he wanted constant attention from the teen. But the teen was in college and he worked full-time, so he wasn’t able to be there with him every minute of every day. While the teen was away from home, he kept Neo outside in the backyard.

Every time the boy left, Neo broke out of the yard on the hunt for friends.

Finding A Pack

Each day Neo was put outside, and each day he would find his way out of the yard. His favorite place to go was the neighbor’s house because they had dogs and Neo was desperate for friends. Unlike most other dogs, instead of wagging his tail and greeting the humans who lived close by, Neo was shy and timid. He wasn’t aggressive, so the neighbors put up with Neo’s visits until they became too much.

The neighbors ultimately put Neo on a leash and drove him to the local Humane Society because the teen was out of town and they wanted the strange dog cared for. What they found out caught them by surprise.

Wolf Dog

Neo wasn’t a dog at all. He was a wolf-dog with more wolf DNA in him than dog, which accounted for his odd behavior. Neo wasn’t meant to be a pet. In fact, it’s illegal in Arizona to keep wolfdogs as pets, unless you are Native American, have a license, and live on a reservation. So what happened to Neo?

When Neo’s owner came back to town, the Humane Society talked to him about Neo and suggested he move his “dog” to a more suitable facility. The Wolf Connection, a wolf and wolf-dog sanctuary in California, agreed to take Neo. The teen agreed the sanctuary was the best place for Neo. As soon as he arrived, Neo went on the hunt for his pack, and he found them. That night he joined their nightly howl, and he’s finally in a place he can call home.

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