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Teen Pleads His Mom To Sing On Stage With Him And They Melt The Audience’s Heart

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Would you be nervous if you had to sing in front of a live audience? British teen Jamie Bell definitely felt the jitters before he auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent in 2016, so he asked his mother to accompany him. What happened next is the most beautiful mother-son duet of all time. Find out more about the teen that pleaded with his mom to sing on stage with him and ended up melting the audience’s hearts.

Lean On Me

The bond between mother and child is very special, so you can imagine that any parent would run to their child’s aid if they needed it. Little did Jamie’s mother Melanie Bell know that his request would lead to her performing with him in front of the industry’s toughest critics. Although the two had only been practicing together for several weeks, they quickly charmed audiences as soon as they began singing together.

Although young Jamie was scheduled to have a solo performance on Britain’s Got Talent, he began to feel stage fright as the show approached. That’s when he reached out to the ultimate singing machine – his mom. Yes, you heard that right. Fortunately for Jamie, his musical mother was already a pro singer. So, it wasn’t too much of a stretch for him to ask her to sing harmonies with him on television.

Say Something

Luckily, Jamie’s mom Melanie Bell immediately agreed to join him at his Britain’s Got Talent audition. Fans were shocked when Jamie’s 44-year-old mom took the stage with her son. But soon enough, the audience was brought to tears by the pair’s act. In fact, their audition clip shows how gorgeously Mel’s voice complemented Jamie’s instead of overwhelming it. Their rendition of the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World blew everyone away with its raw honesty.

Many viewers were touched by the duo’s loving dynamic and were swept away by their angelic voices, while others commented about the maturity of their music. Even the notoriously tough judge Simon Cowell enjoyed Jamie and Mel’s heavenly duet. Since their first performance was only an audition, Jamie and Mel surprised the judges again in the semi-final round. After singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus in the semi-finals, the judges were so impressed that the mother-son team went to the finals!

Love Can Build A Bridge

For Britain’s Got Talent finals, Jamie and Mel broke hearts again when they belted Love Can Build A Bridge by Cher. Even though they ended up finishing 12th in the talent show finals, Jamie and Mel still received several solid business offers afterward. During an interview with reporters, Jamie’s mother stated, “we’ve had so many offers, it’s unbelievable. We’ve had literally thousands of messages on Facebook from people saying they want to see us play live and buy our album.” Apparently, Jamie and Mel have even received cruise ship gigs, and have sung at theaters across England.

About her whirlwind singing career with her son, Mel dished to the media that, “we’ve only just recovered from the final. It’s been a very hectic week. To be honest, we’ve been on a bit of a downer. It feels like we fell asleep and none of it was real.” Amazingly, Jamie and Mel’s vocal stylings have gone viral on YouTube, receiving over eight million views and 52,000 likes for just one video of their time on Britain’s Got Talent. When asked about her future singing career with Jamie, Mel told media that, “we’re definitely going to keep performing together – this is a major opportunity – but we’d be looking to do it in the school holidays and at weekends.”

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