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This Teen Gets The Prom Of Her Dreams Courtesy Of The New York Mets

Prom is often the highlight of the school year for graduating seniors, filled with long-lasting memories. Well, this teen truly had the prom of a lifetime after reaching out to her favorite baseball team!

A Viral Promotion

Callie Quinn, a lifelong New York Mets fan, didn’t have a date for her senior prom. So, she reached out to the Mets with a brilliant idea. In January, Callie sent a message to the team’s Twitter account, asking how many retweets it would take for her to get a photo shoot with the players before prom. The team responded “500,000”, which was no small feat!

Twitter / Callie Quinn

Nonetheless, Twitter came to Callie’s rescue with users from all over retweeting her request. The teen quickly met her goal and was soon shocked at the Mets’ plan for her pre-prom activities!

The Surprise Promposal

After Callie snagged her 500,000 retweets, the Mets got her teachers to invite the teen in for an “interview” on an off-day at school. Callie believed she was just going to be talking about the viral tweet, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Twitter / Callie Quinn

At the school, Callie was surprised by a big crowd of people and Mr. Met, the Mets mascot, who held up a sign that read, “Prom?” Yes, the Mets stayed true to their word, and, four months later, made sure that Callie’s prom night started off right!

A Dream Come True

When Callie’s prom night came, the teen got all dolled up, wearing a gorgeous blue gown she designed herself to match her team’s colors. She made her way to Citi Field, the Mets’ home field, where the team took incredible care of her.


Callie got the chance to meet and take pictures with some of her favorite players including Michael Conforto and Noah Syndergaard. She also got her own personalized jersey and even got to dance with pitcher Jerry Blevins on the field. The teen was so overwhelmed by the outpour of support from the Mets that she couldn’t help but tear up. It was definitely a prom night that she’ll never forget!

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