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Woman Helps Teen Having Seizure On Train, And Their Powerful Story Goes Viral For The Most Heartfelt Reason

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The world can be a pretty harsh place, but luckily there are people who are willing to step up to help a stranger in need. Riding on public transit often comes with unexpected interactions, and commuters can bond intensely in the blink of an eye. Erynn Brook was a few stops from home on the train when an 18-year-old epileptic woman approached her for help. As a writer, Erynn was excited to share her experience online Twitter.

Can You Sit With Me

It’s common to form a bubble of insulation with headphones when riding the train. While Erynn Brook was commuting shortly after 10 PM, musing about cat ultrasounds, she was unaware of the young woman across from her. After realizing the woman was trying to tell her something, Erynn adjusted her earbuds. She was slightly puzzled at the laminated piece of paper held out before her. “Are you getting off soon?” she said.

Looking over the paper, Erynn read over the document which read “my seizure plan” at the top. The train was empty, and this woman might have a seizure soon and needed someone. “Can you sit with me until your stop?” she asked. Thankfully, the young woman wasn’t having a seizure just yet, but she would soon. A monitor on her finger alerted her to any oncoming episodes from her epilepsy.

What About Later

The stranger with epilepsy was three stops away, and could really use the company to watch over her during the seizure. Not wanting to be a bother, she figured she would ask someone else for help once Erynn got off the train. Before Erynn and the young woman decided on what to do next, she seized. While the woman’s body was slumped over, Erynn sat next to her, reading over the seizure plan. Vulnerable and 18-years-old, epilepsy caused this woman to seize for 10 to 60 minutes at a time.

Many people may not be prepared in case of a medical emergency, or know how to handle a seizure. Thankfully, this young passenger kept a guide plan just in case. The seizure lasted three minutes before the teen returned to normal. Erynn stayed close while timing the moment with her watch. In case the seizure lasted too long, there were instructions. Erynn promised she would stay on board until the woman arrived safely at her destination. Even if they initially missed the stop because of a seizure, Erynn wasn’t going to abandon her. The woman was thankful for her kindness.

Everyday Normal

There was only one pill left, and the 18-year-old needed to get her prescription refilled. In an effort to keep things lighthearted, the duo mused over the annoyances of prescriptions. The teen explained how her monitor worked as Erynn re-read the seizure plan. Stunned, Erynn learned that the seizures take place anywhere from one to four times daily. Seizures can strike at any moment, but the monitor helps. Life could be challenging for the teen, as she recounted about having a seizure at the gym.

For Erynn, meeting this woman living with this disability was eye-opening. The seizures took so much out of her, and loud noises or fluorescent lights could be a trigger. Here was someone who was simply trying to get home, and was willing to tough out things alone in the world. Maybe someone would help, or maybe she would be left defenseless, seizing. If it weren’t for the seizure plan and Erynn’s sense of duty to help, she might have just called 911 instead. A better world needs to be built. Moving beyond convenience, it needs to provide for people with incredible everyday struggles.

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